• Hose Reels

  • A-Frame Hose Reel 8" 12" 18" 22"

    • NyRim End Frames 
    • 325 degree Max Temperature 
    • Friction Brake 
    • Heavy Duty Super Swivel® 
    • Lock Pin
  • Options for reels:
    1/2” low pressure brass plumbing available upon request.
    4000 PSl Stainless Steel plumbing with Mosmatic Stainless Steel Swivel
    All Stainless Steel plumbing, swivel and fasteners is available upon request. 

  • Reel Cart Kit

    This is a great way to make your reels mobile.
    Powder-coat steel with pneumatic tires for long lasting durability and ease of movement.


  • Reel Cart Kit for A-Frame Reels:
    For 8" Reels: K01-0162
    For 12" Reels: K01-0160
    For 18" Reels: K01-0163
    For 22" Reels: K01-0164

  • Reel Cart Kit for 7000 Series Reels:
    For K01-7000: K01-0166
    For K01-7001: K01-0167
    For K01-7002: K01-0168

  • Hose Reel Stack Kit

    The Steel Eagle Stack Kit makes it an easy way to stack two reels to save space ony your trailer, truck bed, shop or show floor.

  • The Stack Kit is Powder Coated for durability. It holds all sizes of the Steel Eagle A-Frame Hose Reels and the 7000 Series Hose Reels. 

  • Swivel Hose Reel

    This professional-grade hose reel hose reel features a unique swivel design, which allows the entire basket assembly to swivel up to 270°


    • Adjustable Friction Brake- Eliminates hose backlash when unwinding
    • Heavy Duty Performance- Super Swivel * plumbing rated to 4000 PSI & 325* standard
    • Easy Push/ Pull Spring Loaded Lock Pin- Prevents unwanted hose unwinding
    • Multi-Position Collar W/ Spring Loaded Lock Pin- Allows reel to be positioned in a variety of positions and locked
    • Durable Construction- Heavy gauge cold rolled metals manufactured a durable reel, capable of securely storing high pressure hose.
    • Easy Turn Handle- Prevents fatigue when coiling your hose
    • Hose Guide- Allows for easy hose rolling & prevents tangling
    • Hose Holder- Provides option of coupling the hose to reel to keep it secure
    • Double Bearing Design W/ Stainless Steel Shaft- Prevents side movement and allows reel to swivel freely
    • Locking Collar Shaft- Prevents reel from sliding out of the bracket vertically
    • Smooth Radius Bent Arm- Eliminates 90* bend and strengthens the arm