• Surface Spinners

  • 5000 PSI Surface Spinners

    All Metal Chassis and Aluminum Deck
    24"-30" Cleaning Path
    Min. Pressure 1500 PSI
    Max. Pressure 5000 PSI
    Max. Temperature: 250*F
    RPM Max. 2000 RPM
    Rebuild Kits Available for Easy Maintenance
    Spun Aluminum Deck, Durable yet Light Weight
    Durable Baked-on Powder-Coat Paint on Deck and Handle
    10" Flat Free Tires for Easy Rolling

  • Large 3" Front Caster for Maneuverability
    Stainless Steel Spray Arm Assembly
    2 Nozzle Spray Arm Assembly Standard
    #1502.5 1/4" Meg Nozzles Standard on 24" Spinner
    #1503 1/4" Meg Nozzle Standard on 30" Spinner
    Other Nozzle Sizes Available Upon Request
    Minimum Recommended Flow Rate: 3 Gallons per Minute
    Maximum Flow Rate of 10 GPM
    All Hose and Fittings 5000 PSI Rated
    Made in the USA

  • Little Floater Surface Spinners

  • The Little Floater works with your pressure washer in two ways:

    • The force generated by your pressure washer spins two spray nozzles at high speeds which maximizes cleaning on many different types of surfaces. 
    • The pressure generated by the spray creates the "floating" action