• Powered Vacuum

  • Gas Powered Fury 2400SE & Fury 2400

  • Captures up to 98% of the water being used with no run-off or damage to surroundings!

    Steel Eagle's powerful 2400SE/2400 is a one-step system that pressure washes, rinses and instantly recovers the waste stream for proper treatment. This clean-and-capture system will expand your opportunities for higher paying, environmentally sensitive jobs and more profit.

     Use indoors or out with no over spray and no containment problems.

               Standard Features:

                 ♦  Electric Start
                 ♦  High-Efficiency Vacuum Pump
                 ♦  Vacuum Gauge
                 ♦  High Vacuum Engine Shutdown
                 ♦  Automatic Waste Water Pump-Out
                 ♦  Heavy-Duty Frame and Waste Tank
                 ♦  Waste Collection Bag Filter
                 ♦  Hour Meter
                 ♦  50' Vacuum Hose
                 ♦  One-Year Warranty